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JD Admissions

JD Joint and Dual Degree Programs

JD/MELP Joint Degree Program: There are no additional requirements for applicants who wish to apply for the JD/MELP joint degree program.

Dual Degree Programs: Please refer to the specific program pages on the website for program descriptions. Admission to the JD or Joint JD/MELP degree program does not ensure admission to a dual degree program.

Applicants interested in the programs with Yale or Thunderbird may apply to VLS and the partner institution at the same time, or apply to the partner institution during the first year of law school. ABA requirements dictate that the entering student begins the JD portion of the program first.

Dual degree students to Cambridge, Seville and Cergy Pontoise are selected based upon their performance at VLS. The application processes take place during the first or second year of law school.