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Ian Bartrum '03 giving moot court arguments before the Vt. Supreme Court.

Journals and Competitions

The opportunity to think on your feet and hold your own in a broader context—whether it's a competition or a widely read journal—can sharpen your skills and enhance your education. At Vermont Law School, we encourage these activities as a way to strengthen critical thinking, add depth to research, and improve writing. Our students publish two law journals focused on current issues, often tackling subjects that are sensitive or controversial. Every student presents a moot court argument before a three-judge panel, and many go on to compete successfully in national and international moot court competitions, again addressing provocative issues.

By participating in activities like these, you will have a chance to match wits with others and join in debates over questions of law that might have broad impact. The experience will introduce you to new perspectives, put your classroom learning to the test—and might help you develop your own positions more clearly as you enter the public arena of law.

Vermont Law Review

With its impressive international circulation, this journal publishes articles by prominent legal scholars as well as student-written notes and comments.

Vermont Journal of Environmental Law

As the online journal of one of the nation's leading environmental law schools, VJEL uses cutting-edge technology to publish relevant, respected, timely legal scholarship.


VLS offers students the chance to compete in four cocurricular intramural moot court competitions: Client Counseling, Negotiation, Trial Advocacy, and Appellate Moot Court.