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International and Comparative Law Programs

About the International & Comparative Law Program

Our international and comparative law programs offer an exciting range of opportunities to expand your horizons—through numerous courses; an certificate in international and comparative law; study abroad options of a year, a semester, or a few weeks; conferences and guest lectures; and international law externships in the U.S. and abroad.

Our partnerships with leading universities in Canada, China, England, France, Italy and Spain allow students to experience a semester abroad or earn a specialized degree from a foreign university. You will emerge with a solid foundation in international and comparative law, as well as a valuable global perspective.

International Dual Degrees

To prepare students for work on a global scale, Vermont Law School offers dual degrees with numerous international institutions.

  • JD/MPhil - University of Cambridge
  • JD/Master I - University of Cergy-Pontoise
  • JD/Master II in French Business Law - University of Cergy-Pontoise
  • JD/LLM in French and European Law - University of Cergy-Pontoise
  • JD/Master in Spanish Constitutional Law - University of Seville

LLM in American Legal Studies   New window icon

The LLM in American Legal Studies program is for students who hold a law degree from an institution outside of the United States and seek a solid foundation in US law and US legal method.   The curriculum is designed to help candidates achieve bar passage and meets all the requirements to sit for the bar exam in New York and Washington, DC.  Our LLM in American Legal Studies students receive training in case briefing, legal writing, and US bar exam preparation, and take all classes together with JD students.

Study Abroad Options

Vermont Law School's International and Comparative Law Programs offer many options in terms of length, courses of study, and international locales.

Certificate in International and Comparative Law

Earning a certificate in International and Comparative Law from Vermont Law School demonstrates a committed focus on international law. Program graduates have the skills and substantive knowledge to play a strong role in international firms, international organizations, NGOs and government agencies.

International Careers   New window icon

Our alums are actively working at home and abroad on key issues facing the global community today. Meet some VLS alums and learn how their work is helping to shape global policy.


We offer international, comparative and foreign law classes, taught by VLS faculty members as well as visiting professors from such countries as China, France, Italy, and Spain.

Advisory Board

Our distinguished Advisory Board includes leading lawyers in international human rights, international arbitration, international environmental, and transnational law practice; experts in foreign relations including former ambassadors; and former judges on U.S. courts and the International Court of Justice.

Contact Us

Contact members of the staff and faculty of the International and Comparative Law Program.