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Master of Laws (LLM)

For lawyers who seek to further define their careers, Vermont Law School offers Master of Laws (LLM) degrees in American Legal Studies, Energy Law, and Environmental Law.

LLM in Energy Law

The LLM in Energy Law offers post-JD students the opportunity to specialize in law and policy relating to energy use, production, and transmission. LLM students work with faculty associated with VLS's Institute for Energy and the Environment

LLM in Environmental Law

The LLM in Environmental Law program is designed for post-JD students seeking to specialize in environmental law. Vermont Law School offers over 50 courses in environmental law--the widest range of courses offered by any law school in the world.

LLM in American Legal Studies

The Master of Laws in American Legal Studies is designed for students who hold a law degree from an institution outside of the United States and who wish to master the US legal system. LLM students take all their courses together with regular JD students.