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Clinical and Externship Programs

Placement Process

Individual Meetings with Students

Students will meet with an externship faculty member in the semester prior to the semester in which they plan to be placed This meeting is designed to help students explore the role that an externship might play in a student's legal education and how it could influence the student's choices and decisions following graduation. During this meeting, faculty will inquire about the student's academic and career goals, explore prior work experience and current abilities in order to help the student identify potential placements and mentors. The faculty will meet with all student applicants to discern both geographic and substantive interests.

 Externship faculty members are unable to accommodate requests to meet earlier than the semester prior because it is too early to approach potential mentors and because of limited resources.

Faculty Meet to Discuss Overlapping Student Interest
Once the enrollment deadline has passed and after the faculty meet with all the students they will meet to figure out if multiple students are interested in the same placement. Faculty will then reach out to students and let them know if multiple students are interested in their placement choice or if they are the only interested student.

Reaching Out to Mentors
If there are multiple students interested in a specific placement, the faculty will reach out to the mentor and ask the mentor how they would like to proceed. Typically, mentors will review materials for all interested applicants, interview a number of those students and then make a decision. However, there are some mentors who request recommendations from externship faculty and do not engage in a formal selection process at all.

If only one student is interested in a placement, faculty will discuss with the mentor how best to proceed with the matching process. The general rule is that faculty will make initial contact with potential mentors. However, if the student has a personal connection with a potential mentor the faculty member may decide that it is best that the initial contact come from the student. However, before any student reaches out to a potential mentor the student needs to run this by the faculty.

While there may be a desire to reach out to mentors on your own we ask that you refrain from doing so until you have our approval for a couple of reasons. First, we have mentors who have asked that they not be contacted by students directly for fear that if all interested students called they would be inundated with inquiries. Second, in the event more than one student is interested we want to make sure that all students have an equal opportunity to compete for the placement.

Approval of Placements
Prior to any placement being finalized, the faculty must approve the placement. This will require the faculty member to discuss the program with the potential mentor to ensure that the experience will be a valuable learning experience for the student and to ensure that the mentor is willing to comply with program requirements.

Once the mentor agrees to host a student and the faculty approve the placement our office will send out a confirmation letter to both the student and the mentor. The student will show as waitlisted until the registrar is notified and processes paperwork to formally enroll the student in the externship.

Early Deadlines to Apply for Application
If you are looking at an externship placement that has a very early application deadline (earlier than the deadline for our program: Full and Part-time Externship for spring (Sept. 30th); Full time externship Deadline for the fall (February 1st); Part-time deadline for the fall (April 15th)) – then we encourage you to apply, but want to be clear that there is no guarantee that our office will approve the placement or that you will get the externship. Even if accepted, you will still have to go through our placement process and get approval. Also, please contact, Shannon Lovely, our program coordinator and let her know of your intent to apply, where you will apply and provide Shannon with a copy of the posting to which you applied.