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Caseload, Student Enrollment, and Case Statistics

During the past 34 years, more than 2,600 low-income and unemployed clients have had their essential legal needs served through the South Royalton Legal Clinic by over 900 motivated law students. Annually, the clinic provides an estimated $2 million in free legal services to Vermonters. As the second-largest poverty law center in the state, the clinic has become an essential part of resource delivery in Vermont. The SRLC works collaboratively with many other service providers, including Vermont Legal Aid, Legal Services Law Line of Vermont, Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Assault, Vermont Immigration and Asylum Advocates, and Have Justice Will Travel.

Over the course of 2012–13, SRLC had 56 clinical students enrolled plus 26 work-study students and volunteers over three semesters and one summer. These 82 (total) students amounted to 48 percent of the number of students in the 2012 VLS JD class, a very significant number to be reached by an elective course. For the period of January 2012 to March 2013, the clinic had 307 matters scheduled for hearings and related client proceedings in 26 different venues.


SRLC Caseload Statistics for the period 7/1/11-6/30/12

Case TypeNumber of CasesPercent of Total CaseloadInvolves
Consumer 11 6% Including bankruptcy cases
Administrative 14 7% Including public benefits
Landlord/Tenant 2 1%
Family Law 101 55% Divorce, parentage, separation, child support, domestic violence grants, and Children First!
Immigration 40 22% VIA Project
Juvenile 17 9%
Total 185 100%


 SRLC Caseload Statistics for the period 7/1/11-6/30/12