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South Royalton Legal Clinic

Core Program

The Core Program offers a wide range of civil legal assistance, including representation in matters as varied as divorce, child support, disability, juvenile, bankruptcy, wills and guardianships, and unemployment.  Added in recent years involve working with prisoners on family and child support issues.

Advanced South Royalton Legal Clinic (Advanced SRLC)
Students who wish to continue in SRLC do so with the expectation that they are building on the skills they have learned.  Students will further develop their understanding of law, broad philosophical, social and psychological underpinnings of their work, and lawyering skills introduced in their initial SRLC experience.  Students will be expected to take greater responsibility for cases and to mentor novice clinicians.   Successful completion of SRLC is required.  Students may enroll for 6 or 13 credits; however, enrollment is by permission of the clinic director.

A Core Program Case Story
When the fatigue started, Jane* attributed it to a warm southern climate and her challenging graduate studies in business administration. Only months before, she had shifted from a successful career in business and higher education administration to begin work on a PhD degree. As the term wore on, she found her own school work and teaching of undergraduates more and more exhausting. But she persisted—it was only a year later that she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and had to leave school.

By the time Jane applied for Social Security disability benefits, her insured period had expired and she was under significant financial strain with no resources. That's when the South Royalton Legal Clinic stepped in to represent her. The clinic's staff launched an intensive reexamination of her medical records, located her treating doctors, and received opinions that placed the onset of her disabling impairments much earlier than had first been thought-and before her insured period expired. Jane was thus entitled to disability benefits, allowing her to begin to stabilize her life and improve her economic situation.

*All client names used are pseudonyms