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Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic


Many of our former clinicians, now Vermont Law School graduates, have successfully continued in their commitment to environmental issues. The clinic experience has provided resources from which they can draw as they become seasoned advocates.

  • Jon Leibowitz  (Clinic, Fall 2010)

Jon is the Land Protection Fellow at the Montezuma Land Conservancy in Cortez, Colorado.

"The clinic afforded me a wonderful opportunity to work with experienced attorneys and get hands on experience doing real work during law school. It prepared me for work I'm doing now."

  • Amy Antonellis (Clinic, Fall 2010 & Spring 2011)

The Law Office of Amy Antonellis Norfolk, Massachusetts. The Law Office handles Trusts, Wills, and Estate planning, as well as Landlord/Tenant matters.

 "The clinic imparts a true understanding of what it means to be an environmental attorney. Through the various ENRLC cases students learn not only the importance of environmental litigation but also the importance of helping community groups that are in dire need of finding legal advice on problems plaguing their neighborhood. This experience took me beyond the classroom and taught me how to effectively deal with opposing counsel, experts, and government officials, how to conduct myself throughout the course of lengthy settlement negotiations, and most importantly, how to be the best advocate for my clients. The ENRLC offers students an incredible opportunity to enhance their environmental problem solving skills and apply these skills to real world issues that need immediate attention."

  • Lauren Whitley (Clinic, Spring 2006)

Lauren works with the Public Defender's Office, Fairfax County, VA.

"The ENRLC was the best thing I've done in law school hands down. Not only was it great to be working, and advocating, on behalf of real clients, it was also exciting to be involved in the case strategy sessions and the decisionmaking that is involved in day-to-day litigation. Professor Mears and Parenteau involve the student clinicians in every aspect of the cases that are ongoing in the Clinic-making a truly unique learning experience."

  •  Adam Hescock (Clinic, Spring 2006)

Adam works with the New Hampshire Public Defender.

"Working in the clinic was my first experience working on real issues, with real consequences. The clinic dramatically increased my understanding of the law as an adversarial system, and pointed me to a career in litigation."

  •   Jessica Biamonte (Clinic, Fall 2006)

Jessica is an associate at the Ayres Law Group in Washington, DC on air pollution issues. Richard Ayres, the principle, is a co-founder of the Natural Resources Defense Council, a national environmental legal non-profit.

"A semester at the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic at VLS is a unique and wonderful experience. Working side by side with Professors Pat Parenteau and David Mears gives students a peek at what real environmental cases are like. They are long and complicated and mastering the process begins at the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic. Students work more than 20 hours a week on cases involving water pollution, soil pollution, endangered species, indigenous peoples' rights and more. They draft motions, council clients, and participate in negotiations and trials. This experience is unparalleled by any other aspect of legal education, environmental or otherwise. No where else during their three years in law school can a student take on this responsibility of handling real-world environmental cases."

  •  Justin E. Kolber (Clinic Fellow, 2005 - 2007)

Justin Kolber was the first Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic fellow. During his two-year fellowship, Justin acted in the capacity of clinic staff attorney and seminar instructor. He is admitted to the Vermont bar, Vermont Federal District Court, and the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. Justin was the lead attorney for Plaintiffs-Appellants in the case of Nulankeyutmonen Nkitaqmikon et al. v. Impson et al. and presented oral argument in both federal district court and the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit. He also was co-counsel for Appellants during the trial of In re: Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee Discharge Permit in the Vermont Environmental Court. Justin received his LL.M degree from VLS in May 2007 and  is now with the Vermont Attorney General's office.

  •  Christopher Curtis (Clinic, Spring 2006)

Chris is currently a Staff Attorney with Vermont Legal Aid.

"The ENRLC demystifies the practice of environmental law engaging students in the daily grind of client contact, legal strategy, and legal research and writing - preparing interrogatories, memoranda of law, briefs, motions and appeals, among other duties. The clinic is akin to a law firm providing excellent supervision and the camaraderie of peers in a shared endeavor. In short, the ENRLC experience is practical time well spent in the pursuit of environmental law students' ideals."

  •  Jarrett Duncan (Clinic, Fall 2005)

Jarrett Duncan was a student clinician in the Fall of 2005. He is currently an Associate Attorney in the law firm of McLane, Graf, Raulerson and Middleton, PA in Concord, New Hampshire. Jarrett is in the Administrative Law Department where he practices in a variety of areas of environmental law.

"Working as a student clinician with the ENRLC was the single most significant learning experience in my legal education at Vermont Law School. The clinic allowed me to think beyond the four walls of the classroom while interacting with clients, preparing documents for litigation and participating in case strategy development. I look back now and realize the fundamental legal skills I developed by working closely with Pat Parenteau and David Mears on a daily basis. The clinic substantially improved my understanding of the practice of law and I hope that future VLS students will have this same opportunity."

  •  Derek Campbell (Clinic, Summer 2005)

Attorney-Advisor, The Office of General Counsel for International Law, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S. Department of Commerce, Washington, D.C.

"Working as a student clinician at the ENRLC was an invaluable experience. I was able to play a central role in representing a high-profile client, National Wildlife Federation, in a pivotal Clean Water Act case, all the while receiving excellent mentoring from Clinic Directors. Because of the skills, knowledge of substantive law, confidence, and professionalism that I developed as a clinician, I view my experience at the ENRLC as a cornerstone of my law school education. And, importantly, I feel it was instrumental in demonstrating my abilities to prospective employers and helping me to obtain my dream job at NOAA."

  •  Seth Schofield (Clinic, Spring  2004)

In Seth's first position out of law school, he served as Assistant Counsel for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command. Seth is now an Assistant Attorney General in the Environmental Protection Division of the Massachusetts Office of the Attorney General.

"The semester I worked in the clinic was my most rewarding law school experience. The clinic gave me the opportunity to apply the legal research and writing skills I learned in class to real world environmental disputes, the outcome of which had the potential to dramatically affect national and local environmental law and policy, and the organizations and individuals whom the clinic represented. During this time I learned, among other things, to assess and organize evidence, work with subject matter experts, write persuasive motions, and work in a fast paced client and deadline driven environment. In retrospect, I can say that my experience in the clinic helped me transition into practicing law by giving me the skills and confidence that I need every day to effectively represent my clients."

  •  Gina LaRocco (Clinic, Spring 2004)

Legal Fellow, Conservation Litigation Section, Defenders of Wildlife. Gina works with local and regional groups on wildlife and conservation issues.

"I chose Vermont Law School because I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in environmental law, particularly in environmental advocacy. Working in the clinic afforded me the opportunity to refine and enhance my skills as an environmental lawyer, while having access to some of the best legal minds in the country. The clinic allowed me to leave law school with ‘real world' experiences that made me more marketable to the environmental community and able to secure an environmental advocacy job right out of school."

  •  Jason Hamilton (Clinic, Fall 2003)

Associate with LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene and MacRae, LLP; Environmental, Health and Safety Practice Group. Jason’s practice focuses on transactional and regulatory counseling, ecological restoration initiatives, and large-scale project development.

"Throughout the course of my semester at the clinic, I gained a tremendous amount of applied experience in the areas of case planning and legal research and writing. This experience, in turn, fostered a greater sense of confidence in my abilities as a lawyer.”