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Academic Success Program


The Academic Success Program ensures students have access to individualized academic assistance. The office currently includes the Academic Success Director, who coordinates our Bar Passage Program, the Assistant Director, Program Coordinator and six upper level student mentors. We are located on the second floor of Waterman Hall. We welcome student and prospective student questions.

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For additonal information or questions, please feel free to call Academic Success at (802) 831-1105.



  • ADVISING: Our programming is individualized and available to every student.
  • SKILL BUILDING: The Academic Success Program leads workshops for students during all three years of law school. We aim to give students the skills to build their own successful experience. We accomplish this by leading workshops for each class, organizing small group workshops, and keeping our door open for one-on-one consultation.
    Visit the ASP TWEN for calendar of workshops
    Learn more about our Bar Passage Program
  • MENTORING: We have a staff of specially trained upper division students who act as mentors. Our mentors help students build basic skills in areas such as time management, briefing, outlining, and exam taking.
    Learn more about our student mentors
  • RESOURCES: Admitted students should sign up for the ASP TWEN site to gain access to great law school resources including our exam bank, bar preparation materials, CALI Lessons, and program updates. Students are also advised to use our faculty as a resource. Vermont Law School prides itself on having a faculty that is available and willing to help students reach their academic and career goals. Our faculty advising program is run by our Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs.
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    Learn more about our resources for students who need accommodations

"The main rule is work brick by brick while writing the analysis. Since then, with practice, I strive and continue to be creative on my own."

- Margarita Smirnova '08


At Vermont Law School we believe that every student we admit has the potential to become an outstanding member of the profession. We also believe in admitting students from diverse backgrounds that have unique life experiences. As a result, each student comes to VLS with their own set of strengths and challenges. To succeed in law school, each student needs to find their own way to address the inherent challenges. We are here to help! We aim to empower our students to become effective students and accomplished lawyers.

Meet the faculty and staff of Academic Success

Succeeding in Law School

Faculty advisors and student mentors play important roles in assisting new students on campus.

Academic Success Bar Passage Program

The keystone of the Pathway to Bar Passage program is the belief that early awareness, skills development, and disciplined study are essential to passing the Bar on the first attempt.

Meet the Faculty and Staff

Meet the faculty and staff of VLS's Academic Success Program.


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